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Having huge experience on web, we deliver every aspect of a web project: analysis, architecture, full stack development, testing, optimizing and more . We are a team of highly creative web developers, that can deliver functionality and performance in a very short time.

TROIWEB has been in business since 2001
and has over 200+ complex projects.

We have created projects for a broad spectrum of industries, including healthcare, entertainment, IT, education, finance, inventory management, shipping and many more.

what we have passion for

Upgrade your business game with our bespoke development, because who wants a generic solution when you can have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored just for you!

Coding on popular frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter is a fantastic way to streamline your development process and produce high-quality solutions.

Providing personalized and tailored SEO strategies that are unique to each individual business. We work very precise and dive deep into technical solutions to build it really optimized.

API development plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless integration and enabling software systems to communicate. We can deliver any kind of custom API for your project

We know WordPress. We have a deep understanding of WordPress and its underlying technologies, including PHP, MySQL, and CSS. We enjoy developing custom WordPress themes and plugins.

Sell online offering unique features and a seamless shopping experience. Utilize open-source platforms or develop custom shop to create a cost-effective and customizable online store.

Integrate web tools and services into your project. Get best practices for tasks like sending emails/SMS, managing campaigns, hosting with Amazon SES or any other cloud solutions.

Design a user-centered interface that enhances usability and engages customers, incorporating intuitive navigation, clear product displays, and a streamlined working process.

skills and assets that make us stand out

Web development is the process of building, creating and maintaining a website or web application. It involves coding, designing, optimizing and enhancing the features and functionality of the website so that it meets the stated goals of the business.

projects and details

Admetec -WordPress

Custom design and layouts wordpress website.

Courses lead generator

Huge study portal with automated processes to get leads and contact students. Get contacts and compare prices of courses in Israel.
study portal

PHP+MySQL Project with lot of challenges. Custom made CMS and stats.

Multifunctional CRM

Custom CRM on CodeIgniter with a lot of automated process, integrations to multiple sites and shops.
crm codeigniter

CodeIgniter CRM with full control on autoations and users

Laravel web portal with SEO++

News and style portal on Laravel with very fine tuning in SEO and speed improvements to to work in hi traffic.
seo optimisation

Performance and SEO optimization + API integrations

Not a Woocommerce

Ecommerce shop with customizable products for children development – for kid gardens and organizations.

Website design and development of shopping online

Courses online

Online courses for students and non-students (pay by course) platform. Tests and follow-up the learning process.
web development

Custom WP development with payment and invoicing

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