Well, folks, we hate to be party poopers, but unfortunately we can’t spill all the beans on some of our projects. Why, you ask? Well, some of them contain top secret data that even the CIA would be jealous of. Plus, we have some big name clients who are as hush-hush as a magician’s secrets, so we’ve got NDAs up the wazoo with them. Sorry, but our lips are sealed tighter than a pickle jar. Just trust us, they’re pretty awesome projects if we do say so ourselves!

Admetec -WordPress

Custom design and layouts wordpress website.

Courses lead generator

Huge study portal with automated processes to get leads and contact students. Get contacts and compare prices of courses in Israel.
study portal

PHP+MySQL Project with lot of challenges. Custom made CMS and stats.

Multifunctional CRM

Custom CRM on CodeIgniter with a lot of automated process, integrations to multiple sites and shops.
crm codeigniter

CodeIgniter CRM with full control on autoations and users

Laravel web portal with SEO++

News and style portal on Laravel with very fine tuning in SEO and speed improvements to to work in hi traffic.
seo optimisation

Performance and SEO optimization + API integrations

Not a Woocommerce

Ecommerce shop with customizable products for children development – for kid gardens and organizations.

Website design and development of shopping online

Courses online

Online courses for students and non-students (pay by course) platform. Tests and follow-up the learning process.
web development

Custom WP development with payment and invoicing

Akunamatata tours aggregator

Order tours online with specific reservations, collection points, affiliate program and clients area.
web development

Custom web design and development + CMS and API

Affiliate shop

Smart e-shop on WordPress integrated with Aliexpress affilites program. Selling online and getting revenue from sales.
ecommerce affiliate

Aliexpress affiliate API + custom CMS in Woocommerce

CRM – Leads

CRM and leads generator. Full control over the process – get leads, schedule meetings, SMS and emails automated.
custom crm

Custom CRM with SMS API and automated scenarios

Amazon coupons index

Amazon deals & coupons. Sellers and shoppers in one place. Sales and tracking boosters.
amazon deals

Custom CMS/WebApp + Amazon tools integration

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