There are several reasons why someone might need a custom CRM instead of using an off-the-shelf solution:

Unique business needs:

  • Highly specialized processes: If your business has unique workflows or data points that aren’t well-addressed by standard CRMs, a custom solution can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
  • Complex integrations: If your CRM needs to seamlessly integrate with other business systems that lack standard APIs, a custom build can ensure smooth data flow.
  • Industry-specific requirements: Some industries have specialized needs that might not be met by general-purpose CRMs. A custom solution can cater to these specific requirements.

Efficiency and cost:

  • Reduced bloatware: Off-the-shelf CRMs often come with features you don’t need, slowing down the system and cluttering the interface. A custom CRM only includes the features you use, improving efficiency and user experience.
  • Scalability: When your business grows, a custom CRM can scale with you, adding or removing features as needed. Off-the-shelf solutions might require multiple subscriptions or have limitations on user additions.
  • Potential cost savings: While the initial development cost of a custom CRM can be higher, over time, it might be more cost-effective than paying subscription fees for multiple users and unnecessary features.

Control and security:

  • Data ownership and security: With a custom CRM, you have complete control over your data and its security. Off-the-shelf solutions might have limitations on data access and security protocols.
  • Customization and updates: You have full control over future customizations and updates with a custom CRM, ensuring it adapts to your evolving needs. Off-the-shelf updates might introduce changes you don’t want or need.


Some use cases from our experience

CRM for managing leads including calendar of meetings, marketing flows, notifications to clients, follow-ups on every meeting and sales agents

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a valuable tool for businesses looking to effectively manage leads. With CRM, you can keep track of a calendar of meetings, create targeted marketing flows, send notifications to clients, and schedule follow-ups for every meeting with ease. Sales agents can also benefit from CRM by staying organized and ensuring that no lead falls through the cracks. By using CRM to streamline lead management processes, businesses can improve efficiency and productivity in their sales and marketing efforts.

Custom CRM for price quotations, measuring details, collecting data, images, charts, and pricing automation, billing and follow-up with clients

A custom CRM system is an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their price quotation process, accurately measure project details, collect necessary data, store images and charts, automate pricing calculations, facilitate billing, and ensure efficient follow-up with clients. By utilizing a customized CRM platform, companies can effectively manage their sales pipeline, improve customer communication, and ultimately drive business growth. With the right CRM solution in place, organizations can enhance their overall efficiency and maximize their success in a competitive marketplace.

Special inventory manager CRM with multiple warehouses and shipping details – managing multiple stores, shipping carriers with API integrations for tracking the parcels and notifications

Inventory manager CRM offers advanced capabilities for managing inventory across multiple warehouses and stores. With features such as detailed shipping information, users can seamlessly coordinate shipping details for their products. Integration with shipping carriers’ APIs allows for real-time tracking of parcels and automated notifications to keep users informed of their shipment’s progress. This comprehensive system streamlines the logistics process, ensuring efficient and organized inventory management.

custom crm projects & details

Multifunctional CRM

Custom CRM on CodeIgniter with a lot of automated process, integrations to multiple sites and shops.
crm codeigniter

CodeIgniter CRM with full control on autoations and users

CRM – Leads

CRM and leads generator. Full control over the process – get leads, schedule meetings, SMS and emails automated.
custom crm

Custom CRM with SMS API and automated scenarios

Akunamatata tours aggregator

Order tours online with specific reservations, collection points, affiliate program and clients area.
web development

Custom web design and development + CMS and API

Courses lead generator

Huge study portal with automated processes to get leads and contact students. Get contacts and compare prices of courses in Israel.
study portal

PHP+MySQL Project with lot of challenges. Custom made CMS and stats.

Amazon coupons index

Amazon deals & coupons. Sellers and shoppers in one place. Sales and tracking boosters.
amazon deals

Custom CMS/WebApp + Amazon tools integration

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